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Virtual Mediation During a Pandemic

By Gorny Dandurand |

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has turned all of our lives upside down in many different ways. Those of us fortunate enough to have our health and maintain our law practices are experiencing a great number of changes in the way we conduct business. One of those changes concerns mediation. With social distancing and stay-at-home… Read More »

Insurance Premiums Auto Refunds Due to COVID-19

By Gorny Dandurand |

So much about life in America has changed in the last few months—from how we work to how we play and travel. As more people are staying home, fewer are out on the roads, which sounds like it should be good news for driving safety. However, most people are still paying for car insurance,… Read More »

Hospital After Car Accident During Pandemic

By Gorny Dandurand |

After a car collision, the first thing you should be concerned about is the safety of everyone in your vehicle. Injuries can often happen, and the severity may not always be clear at first—the shock may delay pain or stop someone from noticing an ache or bruise right away. But it’s important to seek… Read More »

What Responsibility do Employers Have to Keep Employees Safe?

By Gorny Dandurand |

Though most Americans are doing their best to stay home to socially distance and keep their families and community safe from coronavirus, with offices closed and roads largely empty, there are a handful of businesses where employees still have to report for work and see people frequently. That includes grocery store employees, social workers,… Read More »

Civil Litigation in the Days of COVID-19

By Gorny Dandurand |

This installment to The Gorny Law Firm blog is intended to provide information regarding how the civil justice system will function during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are not intending to offer technical or medical information in this post. There are many credible scientific publications which answer those types of questions. A very good source… Read More »

How Do I Know a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Take my Case?

By Gorny Dandurand |

Injuries take a lot out of us, physically and mentally. It can be hard to keep your thoughts together around the time of an accident, and when it’s over, it may be confusing to determine if you need a lawyer. After all, how many people retain the services of a lawyer frequently? You may… Read More »

How do Courts Account for Pain and Suffering?

By Gorny Dandurand |

There are multiple components to any personal injury lawsuit: the circumstances of the accident, the medical bills, missed work, and so on. One aspect of damages that is difficult to quantify, but often more important to the injured person, is pain and suffering. This is also referred to as “non-economic damages.” This is calculated… Read More »

Who’s Responsible when you get into a Collision in a Work Vehicle

By Gorny Dandurand |

In Massachusetts, the members of one family were holding their breath into the New Year as their daughter, 13, fought for her life in a hospital after a drunk driver crashed into the car she was in. The crash, which happened Sunday morning, killed Kendall Zemotel’s father and another 13-year-old girl in the car,… Read More »

5 Cars With the Top Safety Ratings for 2019

By Gorny Dandurand |

When shopping for a new car, buyers are likely to consider factors such as price, gas mileage and interior features like dashboard GPS and stereo systems. But safety rating is just as important. If you and your loved ones’ lives depend on a car holding up in the event of a crash, wouldn’t you… Read More »

Are Electric Scooters or E-Scooters Safe?

By Gorny Dandurand |

Chances are that if you live in a major metropolitan area in the U.S., you’ve seen a new type of vehicle zipping around the streets and sidewalks recently. They’re taking people places faster, reducing traffic and making money — and also leading to thousands of injuries, some serious. They’re called e-scooters, or electric scooters…. Read More »

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