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Lawsuit vs. Claim

By Gorny Dandurand |

The difference between a claim and a lawsuit If you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault — whether it is a car accident, trip at work, or in a more serious incident — you may be wondering how you should go about seeking compensation for your injury. Depending on the circumstances of your… Read More »

Medical Malpractice

By Gorny Dandurand |

A traffic court judge in California got a surprise this week when the defendant, a local surgeon, appeared to be operating while attending court. The plastic surgeon—Dr. Scott Green of Sacramento—argued to the judge that he could do both things at once. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many courts are having defendants videoconference… Read More »

Who’s Responsible When Guests are Injured in Vacation Homes?

By Gorny Dandurand |

Though many Americans are wary of traveling right now with the pandemic ongoing across the country, some are starting to venture back out for vacations, family visits, business travel, and other purposes. They will always need places to stay, and the trend in travel recently has been toward renting private homes, apartments, or other… Read More »

Winter Injuries

By Gorny Dandurand |

We are all facing challenges this year that we’ve never gone through before. These challenges are becoming even more apparent with the holidays approaching. With fewer of our normal winter activities available to us and limited opportunities to socialize with others in person, more of us may be headed outside or trying new things… Read More »

Personal Injury and Criminal Cases

By Gorny Dandurand |

Sometimes, injury cases can also involve criminal charges. In September, a New York man was charged with criminal negligence and operating a vessel while impaired after his boat struck another boat on a lake in New York. The man was allegedly operating a boat with one passenger while impaired by alcohol when his boat… Read More »

How do Personal Injury Awards Work?

By Gorny Dandurand |

Two years ago, Duane Washington nearly lost his life in a massive car accident near Tallahassee, Florida. The retired U.S. Army sergeant was headed home on his motorcycle when poor weather and a commercial vehicle caused a 45-vehicle pileup on the I-10. Washington, moving quickly, tried to navigate into the median to avoid a… Read More »

Premises Liability

By Gorny Dandurand |

It might have been a normal day at work for Edwin Calderon if not for the wet floor. The Texas chef was on his way to the cooler in the restaurant he worked in, Wok This Way, when he crossed a wet section of floor and fell. He immediately felt pain in his head… Read More »

Nursing Home Negligence

By Gorny Dandurand |

All over the country, seniors in assisted living and care homes have been isolated for months. When the coronavirus pandemic began, many care facilities responded to the risk by prohibiting visitors, cleaning thoroughly, and asking staff to be extra careful so as not to bring the disease into the homes. Most of the cases… Read More »

No-Pay, No-Play Laws

By Gorny Dandurand |

Along with housing, groceries, and cell phone bills, one of the things everyone with a vehicle has to include in their monthly expenses is insurance premiums. Car insurance is required for virtually all drivers across the U.S., in varying degrees depending on where you live. If you’re pulled over, police will ask for proof… Read More »

How can Posting on Social Media Hurt my Personal Injury Case?

By Gorny Dandurand |

These days, there are endless ways to share your life with others. Some make sure to update Instagram daily, others chime in via Twitter or Facebook. But while social media can be a major connecting force in life, it can also have its drawbacks in court. All that information can show more than you… Read More »

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