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Involved in a Car Accident? When in Doubt, Call the Police

Car accidents can be very disorienting. Things might be moving fast, and it’s easy to overlook the simplest and most important of details.

One such detail is contacting law enforcement. Doing so could make the difference between a successful personal injury claim and a lot of uncompensated suffering.

Once the physical well-being of everyone involved is looked after, your next most important step if you’ve been involved in a car accident is to call the police. Think this through now so that you’re better prepared should you find yourself in the jarring aftermath of a car accident.

The Importance of a Police Report

Following a car accident, there are a handful of very important steps to remember.

  1. Check for any injuries and seek professional medical attention.
  2. Call the police.
  3. Get the contact information of any other drivers involved, as well as any witnesses that may have stopped or seen the incident occur.
  4. In the event of personal injury, contact The Gorny Law Firm to protect your rights.

Make sure that there is a police report created when you are at the scene of the accident. Even if there aren’t any obvious injuries and the accident appears to be minor, it’s always best to have an official report on record. The insurance companies will likely create claims in the days that follow, and the police report will be helpful in sorting out the details of the accident.

It might not be required that you call the police after every accident, but it is strongly recommended for several reasons.

A police report will compile information including:

  • The positioning of the vehicles after the accident
  • The extent of any property damage
  • Official statements from all involved parties
  • When the accident occurred and who was involved
  • Other important details that could have an impact on insurance claims and a personal injury case

Remember, the other party or parties involved may dispute the details of the accident at a later date. They could make up a fictitious account of what actually transpired. What if there were witnesses that could have corroborated your account but they can no longer be located?

Don’t risk undermining your case. Get the police involved and have an accurate record of everything that happened.

Police involvement can also help to defuse any arguments. It will be easier to obtain the other parties’ contact and driver’s license information with the authorities present.

Also, even if a detail is omitted from the initial report, the attending police officer will be available for followup questions by your attorneys or insurance company.

Consult With Experienced Professionals to Achieve Your Best Result

Remember – it doesn’t cost you anything to contact The Gorny Law Firm. We’ll listen to the details of your situation and give you our best advice on how to proceed.

Even if you did not get a police report, you still may have a rightful personal injury claim. Protect yourself and your rights by working with attorneys who have more than 20 years of experience dealing with these exact scenarios.

Contact The Gorny Law Firm today.

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